What is Engineering?

What Could I Do: A Career in Engineering?

What Could I do: A career in Engineering?

What do Engineers do?

Engineers use the basic principles of chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology and economics, combined with computer technology to design products and components and optimise, operate and troubleshoot the processes that are used to make them and manufacture
the materials that are the building blocks of almost everything around us.

Electric car



Offshore Wind Turbine

 Wind Turbine


    Bridges (old and new)



  Engineering disciplines

  • Chemical and process engineers - Developing and designing products that make use of chemical, physical, or biological transformations of raw materials
  • Civil, structural and environmental engineers - planning, designing, and assisting in the operation and maintenance of water resources, transportation systems, environmental protection systems and urban development.
  • Electrical and electronic engineers - Design, develop, test electric equipment such motors, aircraft, lighting in buildings, etc.
  • Marine engineers – design and build ships and offshore structures such as wind turbines and oil rigs.
  • Materials and manufacturing engineers - Tailor raw materials from our earth, to create products that we use every single day like computers, dishes, and sports equipment.
  • Mechanical Engineers – design and build everything from combustion engines to rockets and power systems, to artificial limbs.

Engineering and Societal Grand Challenges



 Provision of affordable clean water for all is a major challenge, particularly in developing economies



The development and deployment of cost-effective technologies for clean energy generation is a major focus for professional engineers



Improved drugs and therapies require reliable processes for scaled-up production. Speed to market can be critical.


Sustainable transport

Exciting Times ahead

    • Automotive Industry is going electric
    • The cars we will be driving in ten years time will be very different from what is on our roads today, it is your generation of engineers who will design these.

Fuel cell vehicles with four and one wheel